Why Emoticons Aren’t As Bad As You Think

The Purpose Of Facebook Emoticons In Boosting Online Credibility

Facebook emoticons are freshly introduced Facebook embellishments that enable users to easily express their thoughts and sentiments. They are made of unique icons such as shark, kiki and penguin. These unique Facebook add-ons help pass on different messages including a sign of joy, frustration, surprise, compassion and approval. Using emoticons has been scientifically proven to engineer the success of businesses.

Emoticons make it easier for entrepreneurs to set the best tone for their Facebook fan page. Using emoticons enable you to stay updated and keep proper track of your Facebook performance. You can as well use the emoticons send in reply to your posts to know of your business performance and what people are thinking of your brand.

As per a research carried out by a Missouri St Louis university, when businesses use Facebook emojis, they are likely to better their interpersonal relationships. The message delivered when using Facebook smileys is usually easy to understand and a bit more encouraging. Many people will feel motivated to engage in your conversations if you love using smileys to comment on posts. Consequently, a business that uses Facebook emoticons is likely to attract more followers as well as sale more.

Through Facebook emoticons, you make it easier for every Facebook user to get involved in your posts. Emoticons help pass information in thousand ways and are extremely simple to understand hence using them makes it easier for your readers to understand your posts. You can professionally use Facebook symbols to point out constructive criticism, soften statements as well indicate humor in a way that is easy to understand in order to overcome communication problems.

These emotionally-intrusive pictorial representations of emotions make it faster to express emotions and feelings. The symbols are readily available in the Facebook system and for you to use them, you just need to click on the one you want to use and click the post button. This is by far easier way to communicate as it takes shorter time to identify the one you like and you don’t have to struggling trying to think of what to tell your Facebook fans when replying to comments or posting a fresh post.

The human mind has been proven to react more quickly to images than to written content. In short, when browsing through certain images, you are more likely to understand the content better than when reading a written content explaining the same information. Using Facebook emoticons in the right way and on the right time is thus essential since it will enable you to understand the posts made by your fans and followers better and give you an opportunity to interact in a way that will lead to a lasting relationship.
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